Hi! My name is Rachel Kronick. I have many interests, including gender studies, science and science fiction, alternative music, Chinese and other Asian languages, astronomy, philosophy, morality, drawing, computers, makeup, comics, politics and lots of other stuff. Many interests, many webpages.

What's new with these pages I don't update all that often, but still, it can be handy to know what's new with these pages. And come to think of it, I usually list things in the What's New section before I get around to indexing them more properly, so it's not a bad idea to check there if you can't find something elsewhere.

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This page also has a Chinese version, which shouldn't require a special browser, but it does require that you understand Chinese! (If you can read Chinese but your computer can't, please go to the section of my pages on how to get your computer to display Chinese characters.)

Hmm, what am I forgetting? I suppose you might like to know how to contact me. I don't get much e-mail from people viewing my website, but it's nice to hear what's cool, useful or just good. I try to respond to all honest, polite, non-spam e-mail, but it does take a while, so please be patient.

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